Thursday, January 6, 2011


The nursery is finished.
I must say I am quite pleased with how it turned out. It is bright and cheerful and fit for a boy without screaming, 'I'm a boys room!' (I don't hear any screaming at least) :)

Here are some other pictures:

Rocking Chair, with blanket crocheted by yours truly.
I also have some of my prints on the wall. The deer pillow comes from Olive's Etsy shop, while the brown dog is a long dog kit from June Craft's etsy shop.

The crib adorned in a hand made quilt by my mom (owner of Pine Hill Forest). Don't you think she should offer up some of these beautiful quilts for sale? I am in love with them!

Close up of the quilt:

Now all we need is the little boy to make his appearance so we can put him in there!


ArtMind said...

Looking great, Stepahnie! I bet you can't wait now!!!! You must be so excited and thrilled!

Stephanie said...

I'm super excited one second, and super terrified the next! Can't believe in about a month we're going to be parents! :)

Susan Dodd said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!


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