Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flickr Favorites - It Started With a Tree

Not too long ago I decided I wanted to plant a tree in front of our house.
When we moved in all we had were overgrown mismatched shrubs planted here and there, and I hated it. The weekend was warm and sunny so I decided to rip out every shrub and make way for a garden and tree.

The tree will be a dogwood, with white blooms (a gift from my grandparents)
Around the tree will be white tulips and miniature daffodils (a gift from my mom)

We are going to make a little stamped concrete path to where we house the bicycles, and plant little yellow crocuses on either side of the concrete.

In front of our little porch will be Zinnia's and Poppy's in bright summery colors.
I can't wait!

Out back we are building a raised bed vegetable garden that will (hopefully) provide us with green beans, cherry tomatoes, bib lettuce, and cucumber lemons. This garden has been a long time planning. When you live in row houses, unfortunately, you can't just put anything in the ground that you want. Thankfully, in our "backyard" they don't mind gardens.

When it is all complete I will be sure to post proud pictures. They will be my first real flower and vegetable gardens after all! (And I should be getting back to them right now)

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Jenny said...

So fresh and pretty!

ArtMind said...

Aahh, looking so bright and happy! I can't wait either for the homegrown tomatoes! :)

Rosina said...

Such colorful and cheery photos. Very lovely and I hope that your garden is full of delicious veggies for you this year!

Susan Dodd said...

You have a blog!!! So so so cool!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone!

-Yep, I have a blog Susan...I'm just not the best at keeping up with it sometimes!

Bubbles said...

What a fab mosaic, I love it! Makes me feel very optimistic, thanks oOo x


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