Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wish List

So if you are out there wondering, "Just what should I get Stephanie for Christmas," you have come to the right place! While my wish list is much longer (and grander) than what I have here, these are a couple of things I would just loooove to see under the tree come Christmas morning. 1. Felted Coasters from rosetutu I love the floral motifs she adds to the coasters, and I orchids just happen to be my favorite flowers. ever. 2. One of the Symbiosis zippered pouches from UnikatHK. I really love the yellow one pictured, but honestly I'd love it in just about any color! 3. Absolutely ANY skein of super bulky yarn from beeskneesknitting. Anyone who even slightly knows me, knows that I love yarn. I don't even need to have a project in mind, if I like the yarn, I want it. This is no exception! 4. Last but not least, a sugar and creamer set from whitneysmith. I do not drink coffee (in fact my hot beverage of choice is rose hip tea) but I love this set. I figure I don't really need an excuse to want it, it's beautiful and who doesn't want beautiful things on their table?! I already own one of her red dogwood plates, and it is gorgeous!

So there you have it.  A short but wonderful list of things I would love to find under the tree come Christmas morning. Have your own Christmas wish for under the tree? Let me know, it might inspire a second (or third) list!

Oh, and obviously, Happy (early) Thanksgiving! :)


Jaimee said...

Oh, I just love Whitney Smith's work, she was one of my first favorites on Etsy! I really would love to own one of everything in her shop...especially those dessert plates & cake stands!!!

I'm still working on my Wish last one was quite a success and I scored quite a few goodies on it! :)

Jaimee said...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too!

ArtMind said...

Great choices Stephanie. I only recently discovered those fabulous coasters and I have been a fan of the zippered pouches for a long long time now...
I love yarn too, I just don't know how to knit and every time I see those skeins, I feel the urge to learn... :)
Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. :)


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