Friday, November 7, 2008

I Have a Secret Talent

Actually it's not that secret and I'm not that good, but I just love to knit. I learned how to last year and I haven't looked back. In preparation for this coming winter I've made myself a tam (slouchy beret actually). My very long hair is actually quite wavy and I get sick and tired of crappy looking hair from being out in the snow. As long as no water touches my hair I'm usually okay to be out in public. :) I'm hoping this hat keeps my hair nice and dry. If not at least I'll (hopefully) stay warm. Or look cute. I'll take 1 out of the 3!
If you like the hat and want to knit one for yourself you need to go here and click on the Gretel pattern. Or if you are a member of Ravelry you can get it there. (just search for Gretel) 


ArtMind said...

So nice to 'see' you and you look very cute! Great knitting!

PG said...

Hey, I got confused there! Not often I see my name on the internet, let alone in conjunction with knitting, which I am not very good at...but then I realised. And I am suitably impressed; that looks like a rather complicated stitch, let alone shaping it into a beret! You are clever. :)

Stephanie said...

Ha! Sorry to confuse you Gretel :) And, the hat was not complicated. It was just a lot of cabling which gives people the idea I know what I'm doing when I'm knitting (I don't).


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