Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm in Love (part II)

Today my second package of Red Flannel Elephant cards arrived in the mail!!! :) After receiving my first set I knew that I would have to make a point of getting every other card offered, because these are some of the most beautiful illustrations I've come across. I now own all the cards you see to the left, plus just about every other card in her (that would be Gretel Parker) shop! 

She slyly added a cute new card, 'Wheely Bird', which I will own at some point. (He's the adorable yellow bird with blue wheels pictured below.) Okay maybe she didn't slyly add it, but I'm glad she did because now I have an excuse to purchase more of her cards at some point!

Do yourself a big favor and check out one of her two shops (if it they aren't already in your Etsy favorites!) 


ArtMind said...

These are immensely cute! Hearted! :)

PG said...

Oh, thank you very much for another mention! One day when I have some spare pennies I will be spending them in your shop, as you know I love your cards too...

Jaimee said...

She's been in my favorites from the beginning...her work is just so precious and magical! I love it too!


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