Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Back!

I admit it, I've taken way Way WAY to long of a break from my little blogging world! In my defense I have been busy with the new house (pictures coming this weekend). It is much more time consuming setting up a house than it is to set up an apartment! Anywho, my favorite Etsy lady, Artmind , has passed the Kreativ Blogger award to me. I'm not sure why as I have taken about the longest break from blog just recently, but none the less here are 6 things that make me happy:

1) My dogs, Nicholi and Piper
2) The ocean
3) Knitting
4) Sushi
5) Long walks in Valley Forge park (esp. in the fall)
6) My brand new home! :)

And back to Mitsy (artmind) really quick, she sent me the most special house warming gift ever! Not only that, she sent something completely adorable to Lee as well! I have just got my camera back and am going to take pictures of everything before I tell you all what she sent half way around the world. :) Thanks Mitsy, Lee and I were positively giddy when we opened your package! 


ArtMind said...

Oh, giddy makes me happy!!! :) I just LOVE that word!
Thanks for accepting the award, and the reason was to get you back to blogging! ;) Hugs!

Jaimee said...

So glad to have you back. I was wondering if I should've called in the search & rescue team :)

Can't wait to see pictures of your new Home Sweet Home.


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