Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Cards and Love

I'll start off with Christmas Card news. (It's been a LONG time coming.) There are currently 5 Christmas Cards up in the shop -3 designs, with 2 sets being offered in 2 color choices. I really really like them, and am happy to have finally gotten around to photographing them! My personal favorite is the green and peach mistletoe ball. Look for them here, and check back for a few more designs I have in the works. (Did you think I could resist making a bird-themed Christmas card? No!)

Okay onto the longggg overdue post about the beautiful housewarming presents that Mitsy sent to Lee and I! She sent us a lovely card, and two packages. I received a growth necklace on organza ribbon (soooo pretty) and she sent Lee a little felt-house keychain. Of course she didn't have to send anything, but she did it because she knew it would make us smile. But how could you not smile upon opening a package with those happy boys and girls smiling up at you! It's impossible. I should know as I have 5 of these happy people hangin' around the house with me! Thanks Mitsy. You already know that we loved the gift, but I thought I'd let everyone else know how much they were appreciated!! :) If you've never seen her work, you had better check it out right away. I've been on a personal mission to own a necklace in every color, so you might want to get your own before I take them all. :) 

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ArtMind said...

You're X-mas cards are so sweet! I checked them out in your shop before I even saw this post! LOL :)
I'm very happy to have made you and Lee smile with the silly housewarming gift! :) Thanks for loving my happy people! :)


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