Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Showing The Alphabet Some Love

I've finally been able to start my new series (I'm sorry to talk about ANOTHER one!) for my
animal prints. I've been wanting to do an alphabet series of animal prints for quite some time now, and have finally taken a break from my notecards in order to work on it. So far there are 2 of 26 completed and in the shop, and I'm hoping to add at least two alphabet animals per week until
all 26 are completed.
I've got a couple more letters in progress, but the bear is by far my favorite so far.
Check them out here!


Jaimee said...

I'm working on a version of my own...much more work than I anticipated. I'm a so indecisive when it comes to choosing colors and patterns and to have to chose 26 times is becoming a tad overwhelming. I WILL finish some day! Yours are adorable!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Jaimee! I look forward to seeing what you come up with as well :)

Jaimee said...

Oh, HURRY LOOK...you're on the Front Page!!!


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