Monday, July 21, 2008

Knit and Purl

One of my favorite relaxing activities is knitting. I only learned how to knit about 1year ago, but I've come a looooong way, and I'd say I'm a fairly good knitter now (not to toot my own horn. ha ha) For any knit or crocheter's out there I hope you have all joined ravelry. If not, get on the waiting list. It's soo worth it. While I was on Etsy I was scoping out different knitting related prints, and I ended up getting this amazing print by Stephanie Fizer:

(Knitty Girls in Blue and Green)

Not only does she have a vast assortment of awesome prints and other paper goodies in her shop, she will gladly work out a custom order for you. I prefer square prints for absolutely no logical reason what so ever, but she happily turned this awesome print into an even MORE awesome square print for me. Check out her shop, and her blog too. She has some great entries pertaining to owning your own business. And now for a couple more examples of the fabulous work Stephanie makes:

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Hey, thanks for blogging about me :) sweet!


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