Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now The Choice is Yours!

Over the last few months I've really added a lot of cards to my Etsy shop, and I finally decided it was time for a mix-n-match option. I use my cards for all sorts of occasions, and I like picking out which one I want to use at any one time. I figured the rest of the world might enjoy having that same option as well! Seriously, I am a sucker for sending and receiving letters in the mail. If I was still a kid I'd probably have a million pen pals! Sadly, the one pen pal I ever had as a child abandoned writing to me after only 2 letters!

So head on over to my shop and take a peek at all the cards you can choose from! The messages might take longer to get to the recipient, but these are waaaay more fun than emails : )

1 comment:

Jaimee said...

Great Idea!
I just did the same thing for my prints and already made two sales.
I suppose people just like variety!
Best wishes for your sales!


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