Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flickr Favorites - My Style

Oh no!
Flickr Favorites are always on Tuesdays, but here it is on Wednesday and I am just getting to making mine. Honestly I am so sleep deprived because of the little bundle of joy I had 8 weeks ago that I thought today was Tuesday. I'm pretty sure Miss Artmind won't hold it against me ;)

Anyway, this week was a theme week where we were asked to make a fashionable flickr favorites mosaic. This is super easy for me. I live for the months when I can wear my summer dresses and rainbow flip flops!
The other thing that I recently can not live without is my initial ring which I had made on etsy from the lovely tinahdee. Mine is gold with a sterling silver disk on top with the letter 'R' for my baby Rohan. In fact I loved it so much I am getting this ring to go on top of it for mothers day.

Want to see some other flickr favorites?
Head on over here!

1 comment:

ArtMind said...

Wednesday's favorites are perfect too, Stephanie! Hopefully you can get some much needed sleep soon. Preferably on a blanked in the park with your flipflops and dress on! :)


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