Monday, April 18, 2011

flickr Favorites - busy busy bee

This is a seriously busy time of year. There are 3 birthdays and Easter all within one week of each other, plus another birthday and Mother's Day right around the corner. All of which are celebrated 3hours away from our home. Thankfully cramming two dogs and a baby into our tiny civic over and over again never gets old!

ps. I decided the wee one was in fact too wee for a fancy outfit for Easter. Instead he's wearing blue and white striped pants with a bunny on the butt, and a white onesie with yellow and white striped sleeves and a little chick on the chest. You can be sure that it is the cutest thing ever. :)

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Florcita said...

that's a lot of "partying" in such short period of time! ahahah Good luck to you, eat lots yummies!

ArtMind said...

Happy Easter, Stephanie! Lucky you, you get to eat all the chocolate eggs while the wee one is still to little! LOL :)


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