Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life Without a Yard

I live in a town house. It is pretty great after the apartment we were forced to live in for 3 years (okay...not forced, but really, it was awful). The only thing I really hate about townhouse life is the fact that we do not have our own yard, nor can we do anything we want with the yard that is behind our house --rules rules rules at these places! So what to do with no yard, but a desire to grow our own veggies? Yep. Overload our deck with plants:

If you are looking at this and thinking, "um. . .that is three pots and certainly not overwhelming anything. . ." that is simply one corner of our deck. We have hanging plants, potted plants, a veggie corner (pictured above), and a plant we are attempting to get to vine around the sides of the deck we share with our lovely neighbors (they really are wonderful!). What are we growing in the veggie corner you ask? Big Tomatoes, and Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans (I love to eat them raw), and Sweet Peas. If all goes well we will expand next year. I'd really like to grow my own yellow squash in the worst way.

We aren't the only ones in the house enjoying the deck despite lack of a yard:

Someday I'll treat you with pictures of all of our indoor plants! (dozens people. dozens.) 
- -Including the orchid we've kept alive for 3 years.

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