Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flickr Favorites (week 4)

This week Mitsy asked us to come up with a mosaic of what inspires us. I immediately set out to find the perfect grouping of colors because what inspires my art most is color. From bright and bold to earth tones and back again, I love it all. 

But then I got to thinking about other aspects of my life, and I thought perhaps I would make a mosaic homage to the ocean, as my entire house is painted in the colors one might expect to find in a cottage by the sea. Or maybe I would make a tribute to those fighting chronic illnesses as someone very close to me battles with kidney failure daily, and he inspires me to push through my own problems everyday. But in the end I knew I had to go with what first popped into my head, and that is color. 

I thought it would be quite fitting to pay tribute to color by selecting two of my absolute favorites to be featured in this weeks flickr favorites. I started with an image from Valley Forge National Park (it inspires me daily) and let everything else fall into place.   Enjoy!


ArtMind said...

Love the colors of your mosaic too! I always draw to green too somehow! Maybe because it makes us calm, Stephanie? LOL ;)
Junkerjane has great stuff & I love her photostream! Thanks for playing and I hope that Mister Linky will be healed by next week! ;)

Marty said...

hey! thanks for using my image from Valley Forge :)


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