Friday, December 19, 2008

Cool Custom Order

I just had to quickly write about the neatest custom order request I have had to date. Yesterday Janae from claireandjanae asked me if I could make 5 separate squares that would form one long growth chart. I had never thought about making such a thing before but figured I could give it a go. I happen to think it turned out super super cute! (perhaps I am biased?) I thought I would include a picture of it here because I had a lot of fun putting it together. She simply asked me to go with a background color of my "G is for Giraffe" print and add a bunch of the alphabet print animals to a basic growth chart. The picture is what each square looks like when lined up next to each other, pretty cool huh!? 
(ps, you should definitely click on the picture to look at the enlarged version)


janaemadsen said...

I love it- what a great blog!

ArtMind said...

It is super! I bet you had heaps of fun putting that together, what a neat idea! :)

Nicole Duquette said...

this is totally adorable!!


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