Tuesday, May 3, 2011

flickr Favorites - Shiny

At the beginning of each month, Miss Artmind tells us of a theme to use in our next flickr favorites (should we we want to, of course!) I think they are quite fun and always play along! This week's theme was "something shiny."

The first thing I thought of was twinkling stars which shine at night, or the way silverware shines after it has been polished. After having more than a few cups of espresso from the husband's new birthday present I also immediately thought of the pretty shine on his new colorful espresso cups!

But my favorite shiny thing? That would most certainly have to be the beautiful shine on a fresh skein of yarn, or even sewing thread. I'm a crafter at heart after all :)

Want to see more shiny flickr favorites?
Head on over here!


ArtMind said...

Oh yes, thread can give a beautiful shine - I agree! :)

ArtMind said...

Oh, and thanks for the suggestion of the theme - it will be the month after next month! :)
So, did the package arrive by now? Just curious! ;)

Stephanie said...

No it hasn't arrived yet! I keep checking (excitedly) every day though :) :)

ArtMind said...

Oh that's so weird! I send it ages ago!
On the 4th of April! :( I hope it will still arrive !!!

Stephanie said...

Oh Woah! Well I am going to go to my post office tomorrow and check on that because I still have no received anything! I'll let you know! AH!


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