Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flickr Favorites - Dreams

This week Artmind asked us to make a flickr favorites based around our dreams.

Oh boy.
This turned out to be nearly impossible for me right now because I'm not sleeping right now, because of a certain little 3 week old boy in my life. So I tried to remember back to when I did dream (and get long stretches of glorious, glorious, sleep!).

You may have heard that when you are pregnant you will dream strange dreams. This is very true. I had the wackiest dreams while I was pregnant, all of which I never understood. There was only one dream during my entire pregnancy that was about me being pregnant. It happened when I was around 10 weeks along and always scared of how my teeny tiny bean was doing. In the dream I was showing my daughter (I got that part wrong!) off to family when she was brand new. I was madly in love and woke up feeling so full of happiness and hope for the future. All dreams should leave us feeling so wonderful I think.

Well on that note my beautiful son is letting me know he would once again like my attention. Someday I will sleep long enough to dream again...right?

Want to check out some other flickr favorites?
Head on over here!


MJ said...

love your choices :)

gnomeangel said...

Damn, I'd typed a big eloquent response and then blogger ate it. Poo :(

Long comment short. Love the mosiac. Hope you get some sleep! :)

ArtMind said...

So you don't get any dreams right now? Sweet, I think you hold your dream in your arms... ;) Enjoy - the no sleep nights will be forgotten soon! X


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