Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

December certainly is a busy time of year.

This December has been even more busy than usual for me which, as you might have noticed, has caused a serious lack of posting on my little blog. Let me give you a run down of what's been going on:

1.) I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
Ever hear about this? I hadn't given it a single thought until I got a phone call from a nurse at my OB's office instructing me to high tail it to the hospital for an in depth test of my blood sugar. This involved fasting for 15hrs, and lots of blood work. Things didn't come back so hot and as a result my life was sort of turned upside down.

2.) As a result of GD I see twice as many doctors.
In addition to seeing my lovely OB every two weeks, I get to meet with high risk doctors every 2-4weeks to have my little boy checked on. I'm not complaining because I want him to stay healthy, but it's a lot of appointments to get to!

3.) As a result of GD I'm spending 90hours in the kitchen.
My diet is more strict than a regular diabetics diet, and I have to be very careful what I consume. I test my sugar levels four times a day, and if I am not careful I will have to also use insulin to keep the baby and I healthy. Since I do NOT want this, I have been on crusade to cook as healthy as I can for the baby and me. Dinners which were usually quick and easy have become more involved and time consuming, but worth it, because you can only eat eggs and a slice of toast for so long. I also go to the grocery store 50 more times a week to get fresh veggies for snacks and dinner.

4.) I've got about 6 weeks before I give birth.
If I went to my due date it would actually be 8 weeks, but doctors are hinting that that will not happen. This is a whole other story, but because of this I was told not to travel very far for the holidays. As a result my family is coming to me! This has meant lots and lots of cleaning and preparing for a house full of 7 people and 4 dogs set to arrive this Wednesday.

5.) I've been busy making new items for my shops!
I think this one is self explanatory :)

Did I give enough reasons for my horrible lack of posts?
I have lots of new work to share on here, and hope to do that all this week. Fingers crossed nothing crazy happens :)

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