Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am very excited for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving will be our last official drive up to see my family until after the little boy is born. But with this came the realization that we will be having Christmas at our house this year.

And with that means cleaning and organizing like never before!
I want everything to be just so, since it's not every day we have 4 dogs and 7 people stuffed into our home. (I realize this might not seem like a big gathering, but it's big for our home!) Currently our coffee table is a mess of birds waiting to become the little one's mobile, and the floor is littered with Christmas wrapping supplies. There is much to do to make this house spic and span and with each passing day my growing belly takes away a little bit more of my energy.

It's going to be an interesting Christmas for sure. :)

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