Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flickr Favorites -Playing the Waiting Game

I love ordering things from the many talented people on Etsy. But, I hate waiting for things to arrive in the mail! I am just impatient is all. When I spot something I 'have to have' I dread playing the waiting game with the mail box. I'll check it everyday fully knowing I am not going to see my newest purchase behind its door for at least 3-5days. But I'll get all excited (mostly in vain) everyday anyway.

Which leads me straight into my flickr favorite. Right now I am playing the waiting game with my mailbox as I wait for it to offer up the earrings I purchased from Silver Nutmeg Studio. I own more than a few pairs of her earrings, and I love them all equally. Right now I am waiting on these, a bunch of these, and a surprise from Lee. I don't know what he picked, and according to him, I won't know until Christmas.

While waiting for my new earrings to arrive I found this statement piece of a necklace on Flickr and decided to model my entire flickr favorites around it:

And in totally unrelated flickr favorites news I just had to share one of my latest finished knits with you!

This is my finished Hemlock Ring Beret. I used yarn that I received for my birthday from Lee. He got it from Yarn or a Tale on Etsy, and it is seriously one of my favorite colorways to date. I am in love with the ocean, so I think he knew he couldn't go wrong buying me yarn with the name "Cove." I had enough yarn to make matching fingerless gloves, but my grandmother took the left overs so that she could make her own Hemlock Beret after falling in love with mine (We share a mutal love for the ocean). 



ArtMind said...

Ohh beautiful mosaic! the anticipation to wait for things is so nice too, isn't it?
I'm expecting a few things and I probably won't see them before I leave!
Lovley beret you made! I'm making myself a little hat - will show it later! :)
Talk to you when I get back from Potugal! ;)

Barbara said...

Lovely romantic mosaic!!
And your earrings are lovely !!


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